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Compression therapy that
fits your life, and a device
that fits in your pocket.
Less machine.
More you.
Aria Free™
A simpler, friendlier approach to therapy.
Introducing a compression pump that’s about the size and weight of a smartphone + a streamlined garment with a modern fit and design. Now therapy is easy, with just one hose to connect—and most importantly: disconnect. So answer the door, pick up the baby, head to the bathroom. No more building your life around therapy. Just automated compression massage at the touch of a button, and remote coaching to keep everything on track.
Little. Goes a long way.
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LaBeigha, Certified compression fitter
Portable and packable, for what’s possible.
Wherever you go, Aria Free goes. With smart, flexible therapy, and an app to reach your goals, you’re in control.

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