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Compression therapy that fits your life, and a device that fits in your palm.

Aria FreeTM is compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to use offering a new kind of freedom for daily life.

A simpler, friendlier approach to therapy.

Aria Free pneumatic compression.

Introducing a new compression pump that’s about the size and weight of a smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand + a streamlined leg garment with a modern fit and design. Now therapy is easy, with just one tube to connect and most importantly — disconnect. No more building your life around therapy. Just portable, automated compression massage at the touch of a button, and notifications via the app to help keep everything on track.

Designed to be different.

Smallest & Lightest Lower Limb PCD

Compact system with a pump that fits in the palm of your hand.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Quick and easy set-up with single start button, single-tube connection and a streamlined garment.

Portable & Packable

Everything you need, to pump almost anywhere, fits in our travel friendly storage bag.

Pause & Walk Mode

Tap the stop button to pause, unplug and replug the tube without removing the garment.

Patented Air Channels

Comfortable gradient pressure over 35+ air channels designed to offer more contact points for better therapy.

Cloud-connectable Companion App

Personalized therapy tracking, educational materials and email notifications.

CARES Program

Intuitive device set up with live support, that doesn’t require extensive training or an in-home visit.​

Less machine. More you.

As a mother of three, I rarely have time to myself and self care usually falls to the bottom of my to do list. With the Aria pump, I find it to be a simple and efficient way to manage my lymphedema. I slide into my garment after putting my children to bed. It gives me the comfort I need before falling asleep. I’ve noticed, that in the morning, my legs are smaller, lighter, and ready to begin the day."

Ashley Jones
Living with lymphedema for 29 yrs

"I am so happy Aria Free helps me live my life the way I want to. I can choose the health of my lymphedema leg and travel without sacrificing crucial therapy time. Seeing the Alaska coastline is a dream come true, and the Aria pump is a tool I use to let me keep chasing my dreams."

Denise McCarthy
Living with lymphedema for 8 yrs

The Aria Free pump has changed my life. It is so convenient for me to take my Aria anywhere and keep notes with the app of how each day goes. My Aria pump really has made everything better for me.

Candace Renee
Living with lymphedema for 4 yrs

To transform lymphedema management and empower each and every patient to live their healthiest life.

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Aria Free goes where you go.

We’re doing it different and making living with lymphedema more flexible than ever. Schedule therapy around your life, not the other way around. Enjoy your favorite activities and take Aria Free with you along for the ride.

"Aria Health is upping the compression therapy game!"

Lisa Sylvestri


A real solution for real life.

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Designed to help make treating lymphedema less stressful and more manageable from day one. 

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