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I think, look at all the places I can go, look at what I can do. I feel like I have some freedom finally! I am so passionate about being on this team and being here and using my voice to help however I can.”

Kimm Ehlen

Aria Health Patient Educator & Aria Free™ User living with lymphedema for 9 yrs

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We’re doing it different and making living with lymphedema more flexible than ever. Schedule therapy around your life, not the other way around. Enjoy your favorite activities and take Aria Free with you along for the ride.


The Aria pump helps me live a more normal life. It reduces swelling, relieves the achy/heavy feeling in my leg and restores skin elasticity. I look forward to pumping at the end of the day. And the team delivers exceptional customer service and support!”


Living with lymphedema


If I need to get up during my 60 minute therapy session I can easily pause the pump and disconnect… reconnect and continue on for the reminder of the session. I will be bringing it with me on my next vacation trip for sure. Everything fits into a case no bigger than a laptop bag. It does a nice job of mimicking manual lymph drainage that helps me relive pain and fluid from my swollen limb. Having a pump I can travel with makes life a lot easier for me.”

Barbara Harmer

10 year cancer survivor with lymphedema


Love your experience with Aria Free?


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