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Ultra-portable and simple to use Aria Free™ system.

Proven Results

Statistically significant limb volume reduction after only a single 45-minute treatment session

Flexible & Convenient

Smallest & lightest lower limb PCD in the U.S. market featuring single start/stop button, single-tube connection and Pause & Walk Mode


The innovative Hi-Res™ garment design delivers comfortable gradient sequential pressure across the limb

Best in Class Service

The Aria Health team ensures documentation collection quickly and CARES beyond initial setup, providing personal patient educators and check-ins to support your patients as they build long-term habits

Aria Free goes where your patient goes

Now your patients can pump almost anywhere! We’re doing it different and making living with lymphedema more flexible than ever. Our patented technology is designed to create a better therapy experience with your patients in mind.

Watch Candace’s story and how the Aria Free system changed her life.

How to get your patient's the convenience of Aria Free

Identify the right patient
  • Aria Free is intended for use to treat lymphedema, chronic edema, venous insufficiency and wound healing
  • Take 4 simple leg measurements
Complete the Rx Referral Form
The Aria Health team will gather the paperwork
  • Within 2 days of receiving your Rx Referral Form, Aria Health will contact your patient and their insurance provider
  • We will work directly with your patient and their insurance provider to gather all necessary documentation to expedite the process and reduce delays
  • You will be notified when your patients’ order ships
  • Aria CARES Program provides personal patient educators and regular check-ins to help patients achieve their therapy goals.
  • Access to support for the life of the product along with digital tools and educational materials through our free cloud-connectable companion app, accessible at any time.
The Aria Health team will deliver an exceptional introduction to pneumatic compression therapy

What clinicians are saying about Aria Free

Aria Free is very portable for moving about the house or apartment and it is easy to set up and use. This again goes to compliance and acceptance.”

Dr. Mayrovitz,
Southeastern University

I like Aria Free because it is portable, easy to pack and easy to carry. I have patients that travel a lot and they have trouble carrying big bulky is much better for them to be able to use something more smaller and lightweight.”

Denise Baylor,

Aria Health is upping the compression therapy game!”

Lisa Sylvestri,

A real solution for real life.

Designed to offer flexible and convenient therapy driven by a unique garment design incorporating innovative Hi-Res technology and comfortable pressure. With Aria Free, therapy can be achieved without the limitations of other PCD’s that can be difficult to use and uncomfortable, with the goal of improving patient acceptance and adherence to therapy.


Give your patients comfortable and convenient pneumatic compression therapy.

Usability Evaluation of a Novel Compact Pneumatic Compression Device for the Treatment of Lymphoedema: Pilot Study

Published in the Journal of Venous Disease, the clinical evaluation of this study from 15 participants, supports the use of Aria Free PCD. The device fit well, was easy to use, provided comfortable therapy and reduced leg edema.

Designed to make treating lymphedema less stressful and more manageable for your patients from day one.

Convenience & Flexibility

A compact system comprised of a lightweight, portable pump and streamlined garment designed to enable therapy to be conveniently administrated from almost anywhere, providing patients with the freedom and flexibility to never have to miss therapy.

Innovative Garment Design

Hi-Res technology, delivering gradient sequential pressure over 35+ air channels, designed to establish more points of contact, enhancing stimulation of the skin and encouraging lymphatic movement and clearance of lymph through the body’s natural lymphatic system.

Exceptional Service

Our CARES program ensures peace of mind that your patients are setup at their convenience virtually and supports the development of sustainable habits to enable regular and long-term usage of their pump.

Long-Term Patient Engagement and Adherence Tools

Aria Health's cloud-connectable companion app has features to empower patients to manage their condition through patient self-reported symptoms, educational materials and personalized data that they can share with their provider.

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Our CARES Program is included with all Aria Free systems.

The program emphasizes sustainable behaviors and is designed to keep patients engaged with therapy—with the goal of long-term adherence. 

  1. Express Start: Gathering the necessary documentation 
  2. First 30: Support designed to encourage consistent usage 
  3. Stay Connected: Enabling long-term success 

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