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Common Questions

Sorry to hear that! Please consult the Troubleshooting section of your user guide. A digital copy can be found here. There you’ll find a list of potential problems and remedies.

We do! We recommend two different positions for donning the garment. Use the one that is most comfortable for you.

Standing (or the stocking method)

  • Before attempting to put on the garment, loosely fasten all the garment tabs. When you’re done, the garment will look like a stocking.
  • Slide your leg into the garment as though you were putting on a stocking.
  • Once your foot is at the end of the garment, adjust the tabs to get a tight fit. We recommend working from bottom to top.

Lying down (or the wrap method)

  • Unfasten the garment tabs and lay the garment out flat where you can lie down.
  • Place your leg on top of the garment.
  • Next, place your foot into the garment foot piece. Wrap the garment piece that has no tabs over the top of your leg, and tuck it under your leg to keep it in place.
  • Secure the garment by fastening the tabs. We recommend working from bottom to top.

You can wear the garment directly on intact skin, or over sheer liners or loose-fitting non-elastic pants. The garment should have a tight fit—but it shouldn’t be restrictive. If you have worn yoga pants or running tights, that is the general idea. It is important to avoid wearing anything underneath the garment that may hamper the lymph flow. This would include pants with heavy seams or zippers, and compression stockings.

Before setting up, find a comfortable place for therapy. Ideally you want your legs stretched out on a sofa or bed during therapy.

The Aria Free system delivers gradient sequential therapy with a pressure range of 45mmHG at the foot to 35mmHG at the thigh. This fixed preset eliminates the need for any adjustments in pressure. Aria Free is designed to target the lymphatic system with gentle gradient pressure, which should feel like the light touch of a manual lymph drainage (MLD) massage. Read more about how lighter pressures encourage movement and clearance of lymph through the body’s lymphatic system in the journal Annals of Vascular Surgery.

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