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We’re transforming lymphedema management and empowering each and every patient to live their healthiest life.

Advancing technology, building community, and bringing a personal focus to therapy.

We’re working to provide freedom and flexibility to the millions of people facing the challenges and burdens of treating lymphedema and other chronic edema conditions.

How can technology transform healthcare?

This was the question posed by ResMed, at the outset of a 2017 innovation challenge. Among those who took on the task: Dinesh Ramanan, a biomedical engineer in ResMed’s clinical science and innovation department. Dinesh proposed the concept for what is now Aria Free™, a little device we think can change therapy in a big way.

You can’t just treat problems, you have to treat people. So we designed our patient-centric pneumatic compression device, Aria Free.

Convenient & Easy

Compact system with single start button, single-tube connection, streamlined garment and travel friendly storage bag.

Freedom & Flexibility

Pause & Walk Mode allows you to pause and resume therapy without removing the garment.

Innovative Technology

Patented Hi-Res™ technology and cloud-connectable mobile app with personalized data tracking and monitoring.

Backed by ResMed.

Aria Free was developed in association with ResMed, our parent company. ResMed is a global leader in digital health technology, transforming care for people with sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other chronic diseases, for over thirty years. The company continues to make an impact with cloud-connectable medical devices and out-of-hospital software solutions that deliver quality outcomes and quality of life for healthcare providers and those they serve.

Usability Evaluation of a Novel Compact Pneumatic Compression Device for the Treatment of Lymphoedema: Pilot Study

Published in the Journal of Venous Disease, the clinical evaluation of this study from 15 participants, supports the use of Aria Free PCD. The device fit well, was easy to use, provided comfortable therapy and reduced leg edema.

The clinical study was published in the Journal of Venous Disease and showed that Aria Free™ addresses the limitations of other devices that can be bulky, difficult to use and uncomfortable. With Aria Free, therapy can be achieved without the limitations of other PCD’s, therefore, resulting in improved patient acceptance and adherence to therapy.

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Designed to help make treating lymphedema less stressful and more manageable from day one.

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