Pneumatic compression devices like Aria Free are covered by most health insurance plans. We are happy to work with you and your insurance provider.
No, Aria Health does not have a Medicare Part B supplier number because we are not enrolled with Medicare as a DMEPOS supplier. For that reason, Aria Health may not accept Medicare Part B benefit assignment or bill Medicare directly. Medicare will pay for items furnished to you by a supplier of medical equipment and supplies only if the supplier has a Medicare supplier number. Payment for items furnished to you by a supplier that does not have a supplier number is prohibited under the Medicare law. Accordingly, Medicare will not pay for any medical equipment and supplies that we furnish to you.

We are working towards Medicare enrollment. Please stay in touch if Medicare acceptance is an important consideration for you.

A Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account may help you pay for pneumatic compression devices like Aria Free. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Purchase the Aria Free system at our online store

Step 2: Request us for your personalized receipt if required.

Step 3: Upload your receipt to your HSA account or submit the receipt as required by your employer or insurance company.