Here’s what people are saying about Aria Free.

Aria Free Customer Lourienne, primary lymphedema and Atara, secondary lymphedema
Really comfortable. Fabric feels nice.
Being able to pause it and walk to the door is a plus.
[Aria Free] feels similar to the compression stockings I have on.
I love the small pump.
Easy. Very easy.
Aria Free Customer Kristin, secondary lymphedema
100% different, in a good way. Streamlined, easy to operate, comfortable.
A hundred times more comfortable and less bulky.
This system would be amazing to travel with.
Looking forward to using it and telling people about it.
Pleasantly surprised that it worked so well.
Aria Free Customer Lindsey, secondary lymphedema
Love the portability.
Significant reduction in foot size (able to get shoe on easier post therapy).
Nothing bad to say about it. Easy to walk around with it on. Felt like after lymphatic massage. Leg felt lighter.